Current Rates

Current Rates

Rates and APR* are current as of 05/21/2019 and are subject to change without notice. Monthly payments are based on maximum term listed below per $1,000.

New & Used Autos/Motorcycles

Max. TermAPR*Monthly Pymt. Per $1,000
New 2020-201948 MonthsAs low as 1.99%$21.69
60 MonthsAs low as 1.99%$17.52
Min $10,00061-72 MonthsAs low as 2.49%$14.97
Min $20,00073-84 MonthsAs low as 3.24%$13.32
Used 2018-201548 MonthsAs low as 2.50%$21.91
60 MonthsAs low as 2.75%$17.86
Min $10,00061-72 MonthsAs low as 2.99%$15.20
Older than 2015Up To 60 MonthsAs low as 5.99%$19.33
Max. TermAPR*Monthly Pymt. Per $1,000.
New Recreational Vehicle 2020 – 201960 MonthsAs low as 3.99%$18.41
New Recreational Vehicle  Min $10,00072 MonthsAs low as 4.99%$16.01
New Recreational Vehicle  Min$20,000120 MonthsAs low as 5.99%$11.10
Used Recreational Vehicle 2018 – 201560 MonthsAs low as 4.25%$18.53
Used Recreational Vehicle 2018- 2018  Min $10,00072 MonthsAs low as 5.25%$16.22
Used Recreational Vehicle 2018 – 2015 Min $20,000120 MonthsAs low as 6.25%$11.23
Used Recreational Vehicle 2014 or Older 60 MonthsAs low as 7.49%$20.03
Unsecured Personal Loan  Max $2,50024 MonthsAs low as 5.49%$44.10
Unsecured Personal Loan  Max $15,00036 MonthsAs low as 7.50%$31.57
Unsecured Personal  Loan  Max $15,00060 MonthsAs low as 8.50%$21.00
Secured Personal Loan 60 Months3.25% over shares pledged$18.19
Line of Credit60 Months12.50%$22.50
Home Improvement Loan60 MonthsAs low as 6.50%$19.57

Home Equity Loans*Max. TermAPR*Monthly Pymt. Per $1,000.
 61-120 months/121-180 monthsNot at this timeBased on rate & term

*Not being offered at this time

Requirements for Home Equity Loans, home must be located in Oneida County or surrounding counties. Must be owner occupied primary residence for at least 90 days or more. Maximum term is 15 years. No mobile homes. Not a revolving equity line and no variable rates offered at this time.

* APR – Annual Percentage Rate

Dividend Rates

as of 09/17/2019 and are subject to change without notice

Account TypeMinimum Opening DepositMinimum Balance to Obtain APY*Dividend RateAPY*
Money Market$2,000,00$2,000,00.40%.41%
Christmas Club$25.00$50.00.25%.26%
Share Certificate Accounts
60 Month Term$1,000.00$1,000.001.00%1.00%
24 Month Term$1,000.00$1,000.000.80%0.80%
12 Month Term$1,000.00$1,000.000.60%0.60%
06 Month Term$1,000.00$1,000.000.40%0.40%

APY* Annual Percentage Yield